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Don’t let the “gluten free” in the title fool you – this is possibly the BEST CHOCOLATE BROWNIE EVER! While you wouldn’t want to base your entire nutrition plan solely on these brownies, indulging yourself with one of these decadent treats on occasion won’t completely derail your gains. .


Allergens:  Eggs, Milk, Soy


Nutrition Facts

422 Calories

Protein 4g

Carbs 61g

Fat 18g

140mg Sodium

162calories Fat Calories


Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie


    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is the deadline for placing my order?

    Please have your order submitted no later than 5pm on Thursday to allow us time to order our supplies for prepping starting Friday morning. If you find that you aren’t going to be able to make the 5pm cutoff simply send us a quick note and we will take care of you!!!

    Where/when can I expect my meals?

    We plan all deliveries on Monday evenings normally after 6:00 pm, delivered directly to homes in our delivery radius. 

    How do I purchase a meal plan?

    Start by purchasing a meal plan right on this page! You have the option to purchase a plan for 3 meals/day, 2 meals/day, or 1 meal/day, as well as options for family-style meals and meals by the pound.

    What if I have allergies or dietary preferences?

    All of our meals are created with high-quality ingredients, hand-crafted by the chefs at Foodies. Silver Lining Home Care Solutions does not assume responsibility for allergies or other liabilities. If you have a concern regarding allergies, please contact Foodies or us directly. 

    How long will my meal keep?

    Your meals will keep in the refrigerator for 5-7 days. As with any restaurant meals, we recommend eating salads, wraps and seafoods earlier in the week in order to experience the freshest product.

    How do I heat my meals?

    Pull one of the corners of the lid up so the plate can vent while heating. All microwaves vary – the lighter the meal the less time it will take to heat up…an Egg White Omelet will only take about 30 seconds while a large dinner may take two minutes or longer. All meals that require reheating should be heated to an internal temperature of 165°F. Be careful when removing the lid after heating – steam can cause serious burns!

    Can I freeze my meals?

    All of our breakfasts and dinners can be frozen, however, any time food is frozen and then thawed there can be a change in texture – this is especially the case with scrambled eggs. We do not recommend freezing any of our lunches as almost all of them contain some sort of greens that will break down when thawed.

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