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When choosing home care, you should not have to compromise quality for price. We will work with you to provide excellent care at a price that fits your budget.  Our care plans are based on each client’s specific needs and do not require minimum hours.  This allows us to be flexible in our prices and you only pay for the services you have received.

Elder Care &

Caregiver Services

Designed to keep you independent and comfortable! We strive to meet the unique and individual needs of our clients by offering services that can make anyone feel at home.  Whether you or your loved one are highly independent or have a significant number of daily needs, we work closely with you to meet every need. 

-    Housekeeping services

-    Care during weekends, holidays, and emergencies

-    Companionship and entertainment

-    Medication observation

-    Mobility and transportation

-    Meal preparations

-    Exercise support

-    Assistance with grooming and hygiene

-    Aiding with hobbies and free time

-    Up to 24-hour care

-    Advocacy and life planning

Senior care services
Memory Care Services

Memory Care & 

Alzheimer's Care 

Memory loss is a commonly accepted part of growing old and wise. Unfortunately, some people experience difficulties performing daily tasks and need a little help. Our staff offers a sense of patience, positivity, and thoughtfulness as they provide tailored services to accommodate memory loss.

-    Emotional support
-    Memory activities 
-    Meal preparations/monitoring
-    Assistance with grooming and hygiene
-    Medication observation
-    Companionship and entertainment
-    Mobility and transportation
-    Checklists, calendars, and organizing

Personal Assistant & Housekeeping

-    Answer door/telephone

-    Organize files

-    Write/type letters/emails

-    Assistance with special events

-    Shopping and running errands

-    Meal preparations

-    Exercise support

-    Organizing appointments

-    Transportation

-    Calendar management

Our private personal assistants are here to help you manage your home, business, or estate. We offer a variety of experiences and skills that can meet your specific needs. 

Personal Assistant and Housekeeping services
prenatal and parent help services

Prenatal & Busy Mom/Dad Services

-    Care for prenatal and postpartum clients
-    Care during weekends, holidays, and emergencies
-    Meal preparation
-    Bedrest support
-    Assistance with grooming and hygiene
-    Child and infant care feeding/holding 
-    Grocery shopping, housekeeping, and errands
-    Mobility and transportation
-    Hygiene and beauty services
-    Caregiver/spousal support
-    Advocacy and life planning

Whether you’re an expecting mother on bedrest, a post-partum parent, or a “busy mom/dad”, we have services here to help! Managing your professional and personal life can be difficult during major life events, our staff is here to help meet your individual needs.


Looking for a home care social worker?

Schedule a Free Consultation with our licensed social worker! Our in-house social worker specializes in providing case management, resource referrals, client advocacy, notary services, and short-term counseling to older adults and family caregivers in Denton County. 

Hospice Services

& Companionship

End-of-life decisions can be difficult for everyone involved but we’re here to help every step of the way. We help the entire family with the services, care, and advocacy to ensure the process is as uncomplicated as possible

-    Sitting and companionship

-    Family/caregiver support

-    Client advocacy and life planning

-    Care during weekends, holidays, and emergencies

-    Talking, reading, entertainment

-    Hygiene and beauty services

-    Meal preparations

-    Assistance with grooming and hygiene

Hospice and companship services
autism support services

Life Skills Training

-    Health and safety skills
-    Career and life planning
-    Independence and advocacy​

-    Health and safety skills

-    Diet/nutrition/exercise planning

-    Community engagement

-    Hobbies and recreation

-    Housekeeping and hygiene skills

-    Checklist, calendars, and organizing

Individuals with developmental and physical can live independent lives with happy relationships, employment, and home management. We offer support and life skills training services to help people prepare for the future.

Respite Care & Caregiver Support

Caregivers often forget the importance of taking care of themselves while they support others. Respite care is short-term relief for primary caregivers, giving them a few days or a short vacation to allow them to focus on their needs. Let us step in to help out while keeping your schedule in order. 

-    Bathing and hygiene 

-    Dressing and getting in/out bed

-    Cooking/feeding

-    Medication management 

-    Exercise and outdoors recreation

-    Minor cleaning and tidying

-    Running errands/taking to appointments

respite and caregiver services
senior care advice and consultations

Advocacy & Consultation

Navigating the world of elder care can be complicated and knowing the right type of care isn’t always easy. Our staff has years of experience and connections in the community, we can consult with you to find the right services to meet your needs. Eldercare services out there include:

-    In-home care

-    Assisted living

-    Nursing homes

-    Retirement homes

-    Independent living/senior apartments

-    Adult daycare

-    Respite care

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