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Silver Linings Home Care Solutions is excited to work in collaboration with Jacqueline, a licensed master social worker specializing in aging. With her assistance, we can help you find the resources and programs that work for you! Social work services are available to older adults and family caregivers residing in Denton County 

Are you struggling to manage certain aspects of your life? Did you experience a recent loss or change? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you seeking solutions and support?

Having the support of a social worker can offer numerous benefits to alleviate your worries. Social workers discuss your needs in a supportive environment, focusing on your experiences while providing solution-focused support; teaching positive coping skills. Social workers can help you access and utilize community resources, strengthening your overall support network.

Case Management

Intake and needs assessment

Referrals to community resources

Crisis Intervention

Advanced care planning

Discharge planning

Short-Term Counseling

Solution-focused and supportive

Focused on clients' strengths

Education about mental health, aging, and more

Mental health assessments

Referrals to support groups and long-term therapy

Notary Services

Notarize official documents

Services to your home

Jacqueline Ulissey


Jacqueline is a licensed master social worker specializing in aging. She graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work from Texas Woman's University in 2019 and completed her social work graduate program at The University of Texas Arlington. She has lived in Denton since 2017 and wants to give back to this city and the people who live here by helping older adults continue to thrive in their homes and community.

Making a difference with compassion and care.

A Hopeful Perspective

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