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In-Home Services: Help You Retire In-Style

Home healthcare services are often misrepresented as something as simple as personalized medical or housekeeping services in your home. In actuality, in-home services are here to help you retire the way you've always wanted to! These types of caregivers provide services in your home so you can focus on relaxing and doing what makes you happy.

Although home healthcare does provide essential household services, these caregivers offer so much more! As you age, it can be exhausting to keep up with meal preparations, housekeeping, and appointments. Too often retirees forget this is their opportunity to relax, enjoy their hobbies and try new things. In-home caregivers are here to support you every step of the way!

Traditional In-Home Services

Elder care services are designed to keep you independent and comfortable while actively improving your days! Caregivers strive to meet the unique and individual needs of their clients by offering services that can make anyone feel inspired. Whether you or your loved one is highly independent or has a significant number of daily needs, they work closely with you to meet every need:

  • Housekeeping services

  • Care during weekends, holidays, and emergencies

  • Companionship and entertainment

  • Medication observation

  • Mobility and transportation

  • Meal preparations

  • Exercise support

  • Assistance with grooming and hygiene

  • Aiding with hobbies and free time

  • Up to 24-hour care

  • Advocacy and life planning

Lifestyle Enhancement & Companionship

Retirement is your opportunity to focus on the things that you bring you joy. In-home caregivers are there to help you improve your lifestyle in all aspects: this includes getting involved in your interests and assisting in your hobbies, activities, and social events. Caregivers can help with anything from simple transportation to the hobby store to helping you garden by hand. Caregivers provide companionship and friendship while you explore and share your passions. Here are just a few common requests heard by in-home caregivers:

  • Gardening

  • Puzzles, reading, cards, games, etc.

  • Learning computer, tablet, phone

  • Classes/events at senior center

  • Building, crafts, workshop

  • Cooking/baking

  • Exercise

  • Spiritual services

  • Part-time job

  • Art, drawing, painting

A Silver Linings Story: Coffee Brewing

Silver Linings Home Healthcare has a very committed and caring staff that is always willing to go the extra mile! One of our favorite long-time clients has received in-home care following a disability. Prior to his in-home care his mobility issues prevented him from doing what he loved most: going out to his garage to grind and brew quality coffee. When we began working with him, he asked if it would be too much trouble to have his wheelchair brought out there now and again. Our staff was really excited about this. Over time they not only helped him reconnect to his favorite hobby, brewing coffee has become their new hobby as well. They brew together now, trying new ideas/flavors and enjoying their time together. This is just one example of the potential in-home caregivers can offer your!

Not sure how to get started? Contact one of team members today to help you decide what services are the right fit for you!


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